ecoloc gasket system heat transfer free flow plates

EcoFlex NT Series Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Optiwave® Plates. Allows for fewer plates and deliver the same performance. It is because the Optiwave feature provides completely even flow across the entire width of the plate, making full use of the heat transfer surface area. This leads to the highest heat exchanger rates being achieved with

GEA PHE Systems Tailor-made plate heat exchanger

heat transfer rates across the complete plate width. Conventional plate design EcoLoc gasket system The innovative adhesive-free EcoLoc gaskets can be replaced quickly and easily. measures on page 18 and 19 GEA PHE Systems GEA plate heat exchanger gasket for sale China ManufacturerGEA Plate Heat Exchanger gasket of free flow is designed applicable of NBR/EPDM/Viton materials. The Loc-in sealing system can satisfy the operating requirement of flow rate raging from 5,000kg/h to 100,000kg/h. The innovative adhesive-free EcoLoc gaskets for GEA NT serial plate Heat Exchanger can be replaced quickly and easily.

Plate Heat Exchangers Tailor-made plaTe heaT exchanger

highest heat transfer rates by means of the uniform distribution of media over the entire width of the plate. n for high flexibility Even if the medium or requirement chang-es. There is no greater flexibility:Nearly all of the N series can be used in the same frame and various plate numbers. ecoloc gasket system Done in a matter of moments:Thanks ecoloc gasket system heat transfer free flow plates Carbon ThermoFlow Plate and Frame Dry Coolers Inc. FREE FLOW PLATES (optional) Free Flow plates are designed for liquids containing fibers or other particles which may clog up a traditional plate heat exchanger.Free Flow plates are designed without metal contact between the plates in the liquid area giving a highturbulence and a high heat transfer coefficient while avoiding clogging.

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