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Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel Dongkuk Steel

Mg Alloy Galvanized Steel (GIX/GLX) This product is made in the way of alloying AI, Zn, Mg, and Si at the best ratio and galvanizing them over steel. It is designed to be used for all purposes that require high corrosion resistance. -GIX (Zinc 94%, Al 4%, Mg 2%) -GLX (Al 55%, Zn-Mg 43.4%, Si 1.65)


As the country's producer of heavy steel plates, Dongkuk operates multiple plants, churning out an annual production capacity of 3.6 million tons of crude steel. Its products include steel plates, H-sections, general sections, and steel bars, has a capacity is 1.5 million tons that are produced for ship building, boilers and pressure vessels Dongkuk SteelDongkuk PR film (2020) 2020-09-11. DK-LP Plate. 2020-05-12. GIX, GLX. 2020-05-08. Luxteel Supersmp. 2020-03-03. The song of steel, Dongkuk steel.

Head Office Dongkuk Steel

Ferrum Tower, 19 Uljiro 5-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul. Jongjoo An Luxteel 02-2222-0248 Pre-Coated Metal Dongkuk SteelPre-Coated Metal Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel Steel View All Product Pre-Coated Metal Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel Steel Plates Reinforcing Bars Sections Contact Us. Contact. Sales. Jongpil Kim 02-2222-0337. jongpil.kimCold Rolled & Galvanized Steel. Company Introduction Brochure. Family Sites. Intergis Dongkuk Systems Ferrum

Reinforcing Bars Dongkuk Steel

Reinforcing Bar is the long and thin steel bar. As it has an excellent adhesion with concrete it is widely used as a material for civil engineering and construction. Dongkuk Steel produce a wide range of products like general, high tension, super-high tension, welding, nuclear power plant and View All Product Dongkuk SteelView All Product Pre-Coated Metal Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel Steel Plates Reinforcing Bars Sections Contact Us With intense passion, a value is added into steel. With daring innovation and unique technology, Dongkuk Steel manufactures steel products that make the world better.

We are the professional supplier who can meets all kinds of steel and fabrication requirements. If your required steel parts need cutting, welding, drilling, rolling, bending, forming, grinding, stamping and so on machining, we are ready to serve you.

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