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330 Stainless Steel, UNS N08330 - Ulbrich

330 Stainless Steel, UNS N08330 Shaped, Flat, Square, Round, Fine, Plated, and Bare Wire AMS 5592, AMS 5716, ASTM B 511, ASTM B 512, ASTM B 535, ASTM B 536, ASTM B 546, ASTM B 710, ASTM B 739 330 Alloy Description Alloy 330 stainless is an austenitic heat and corrosion resisting alloy that offers a combination of strength and

Alloy 330 Steel Alloy Incoloy 330 UNS N08330 Alloy

Alloy 330® - UNS N08330. Incoloy® 330 is a steel alloy that is high in nickel and chromium. It provides good resistance to carburization, oxidation, and nitridation. RA 330 is also easily welded using all conventional processes; it can be formed hot (between 1750-1200° F) and cold. Chemical Analysis. Alloy 330® - UNS N08330Alloy 330® Features. Magellan Metals RA 330® is an extremely strong steel alloy that offers many beneficial features, including:Carburization resistant. Good nitridation resistance. Resists heat & oxidation. Corrosion resistant. Good strength. Meets UNS N08330 specifications.

Incoloy® Alloy 330 - American Special Metals

Incoloy® alloy 330 (UNS N08330; W. Nr. 1.4886) is an austenitic alloy with good high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance. It has a solid solution composition and is not hardenable by heat treatment. Its high nickel and chromium provide good resistance to oxidation and carburization. Its oxidation resistance is enhanced by the silicon Stainless Steel - Grade 330 (UNS N08330)

  • Introduction Specification Sheet:Alloy 330 (UNS N08330) - Alloy 330 (UNS N08330) is an austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy developed to provide excellent resistance to carburizing and oxidizing atmospheres at elevated temperatures. With a nickel content of 34 to 37 percent, the alloy remains highly resistant to both chloride stress corrosion cracking and embrittlement from the precipitation

    Stainless Steel 330 (UNS 0N08330) Chemical Composition

    Stainless Steel 330 (UNS N08330) Chemical Composition Physical Properties . Heanjia Super-Metals Co., Ltd, Call- 12068907337. Web:super-metals Temperature Micro-meter/meter.oC Micro-inch/ inch.oC 0 oC to 100 oC 32 oF to 212 oF 14.4 8 Stainless Steel 330, 330 Stainless, UNS N08330, 330 Steel 330 Stainless Plate, Sheet, Bar, Pipe and Welding WireRequest a Quote Today! Call MEGA MEX at 281-548-1544 or email your inquiry to [email protected] Stainless Steel 330, 330 Stainless, UNS N08330, 330 Steel, Type 330, RA330 - Mega Mex

    UNS-N08330 SS330 stainless steel - Gnee steel

    UNS-N08330 SS330 stainless steel. 330 is an austenitic, nickel-chromium-iron-silicon alloy. It combines excellent resistance to carburization and oxidation at temperatures up to 2200 F (1200 C) with high strength. Extensively used in high temperature environments where resistance to the combine effects of thermal cycling and carburization is 330 Stainless Steel UNS N08330 Ulbrich330 Stainless Steel UNS N08330. Type 330 stainless 1. 330 steel is an austenitic heat and corrosion resisting alloy that offers a combination of strength and resistance to carburization, oxidation and thermal shock. Carburization and oxidation resistance to about 2100 °F

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