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A pressure balanced expansion joint is really a combination of several types. Its purpose is to retain and balance the pressure thrust so that main anchoring of the pipe or adjacent equipment is not required, and forces and movements on attachment flanges of delicate equipment, such as turbines, are kept to acceptably low levels.

In-line Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joint US Bellows

In-line Pressure Balanced Pipe Expansion Joint. When axial deflections exist, and anchoring is impractical for structural or economic reasons, such as high in the air or short straight pipe runs between two large vessels, the in-line pressure balanced pipe expansion joint Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint Bellows SystemsTo learn more about Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint products of Bellows Systems, call us at (800) 233-0623 or email us at [email protected] A Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint (Elbow type) is normally a double bellows Expansion Joint with a side outlet between the bellows. The ends of the bellows

Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints US Bellows

The unique concept of PRESSURE BALANCED EXPANSION JOINTS (PBEXJ) is they are designed to maintain a constant volume by having balancing bellows compensate for volume changes in the bellows (line bellows

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