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Blair Strip Steel is one of the few remaining true strip steel mills in North America. As larger, volume-driven cold mills trend towards wider widths and commodity sheet products with strip-like characteristics, Blair has remained quality-driven, producing true strip steel.

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1209 Butler Avenue, New Castle, PA 16101 Phone:724.658.2611 Fax:727.658.6548 Email:[email protected] [email protected] Blair Strip Steel New Castle, PABLAIRs mill operations include Big George and Little Tom, state-of-the-art cold rolling tandem mills, capable of rolling strip in thicknesses .031" thru .700" (.80 mm 18.0 mm) with precision tolerances in widths up to 21 1/2 inches (546 mm). Blair uses both Ebner

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FLAT ROLLED PRODUCTS . FineBlanking Quality Strip - Fineblanking Quality Strip ( FBQ ) is produced with application-specific processing designed to create tailored physical and microstructural properties. These properties maximize the ability of our steels to perform in critical fineblanking applications with greater flow characteristics than standard strip steel products. Blair Strip Steel GlossaryA. Aircraft Quality Alloy Steel - usually 4130 alloy strip produced to AMS specifications. Alloy - metallic or non-metallic elements added to base metals to modify its properties. Alloy Strip Steel - steel with one or more additional elements for customizing specific properties. Aluminum-Killed - steel with aluminum added to deoxidize and refine grain size

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