effective vs actual top tube length mtbr

Effective top tube versus actual top tube length

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Jan 15, 2015 · Effective Top Tube Versus Reach. Effective Top Tube (ETT) is a traditional way to measure a bike's length. It measures a horizontal line, parallel to the ground, from the center of the head tube to the intersection with the seat tube or seat post. This number is useful for identifying how long a bike will feel while in a seated position. Understanding Bike GeometryWhere the top tube is horizontal the Effective Top Tube and Actual Top Tube will be identical. A longer top tube has you more stretched out on the bike, all other things being equal. This will give you a racier, more aerodynamic position on a road bike - possibly at the expense of all-day comfort. Actual Top Tube Length. Top tube length as

Effective vs. Actual Top Tube Length Mountain Bike

Aug 25, 2006 · 170 Posts. #2 · Aug 25, 2006. i think the effective length is the length from the head tube to the seat tube measured straight across (parallel to the ground), and since the top tube isn't always parallel to the ground, the actual length can be longer. somebody correct me if i'm wrong. just a noob trying to help out another noob.

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