for railway application ss400 bridge width

Bridge Railing Identification Guide

3. Measure the height of existing bridge railing. a. If the bridge has no overlay, measure height as shown in Figure 1. b. If the bridge is topped with overlay or seal coat, take two measurements if possible:i. On the front side of rail from the top of overlay as shown in Figure 2. ii. On the back side of rail from the concrete deck surface.

Bridge Standards and Procedures Manual - Volume 1

Ministry Design-Bid-Build bridge and highway construction projects unless otherwise specified. (Note Where this Supplement to CHBDC S6-14 uses the term SS, then the corresponding DBSS section shall apply to Design-Build projects.) S6-06:means the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code CAN/CSA-S6 Introduction to Railroad Track Structural DesignSelect rail size and section 4. Determine moment and loading coefficients 5. Check rail bending stress 6. Choose trial tie spacing and calculate maximum rail Track on Ballasted Concrete Bridge Deck, 8000 to 12000 lb/in/in Modulus higher during excessively dry periods and lower when subgrade at or near saturation. 20


Planning guidance for four transportation modes (highway, rail, sea, and air). 3. Unit movement requirements. 4. Containerization guidance. 5. Supplemental transportation appendices. This pamphlet should be used for information purposes only. More precise data may exist for a specific application, exercise, or mission being planned. B. FORMAT RAIL SPECIFICATIONSRAIL SPECIFICATIONS. Listed below are the specifications for some types of railroad and crane rail. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS (A.S.C.E.) RAILS. SECTION INDEX or WEB MARKS:DEPTH IN INCHES:WIDTH IN INCHES:WEIGHT PER YARD IN POUNDS:JOINT BARS:BASE:HEAD:SECTION INDEX:WEIGHT PER FOOT IN POUNDS:11040:6 1/8:6 1/8:2 7/8:110:S

Railway Tie Association

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association Part 3 Solid Sawn Timber Ties 2016 FOREWORD Section 3.1 through 3.5, Section 3.8 and Section 3.9 formulate specific and detailed rules for the design, handling, and SUBSTITUTE MATERIAL (JIS, BS, DIN ) FOR ASTM Gr C G 3101 SS400 4360 Gr 40D 17100 St44-2 Gr D G 3101 SS400 4360 Gr 43A/B/C/D 17100 St44-2 Note (1):For cold rolled sheet and strip, use corresponding SUS-CP and SUS-CS steels, according to JIS G 4305 and G4307, respectively. Note (2):Specify mechanical properties, test and inspection in accordance with ASTM.


the bridge piers. The preliminary guideline is to use T-piers for larger streams, where the drainage area for the bridge exceeds 50 square miles, an area large enough to have considerable ice and debris flow. The designer should choose approximate proportions for the length of pier cap cantilevers and column width as in Figure Welded Bridge Code - Indian Railway Institute of Civil (railway board) indian railway standard . code of practice for . metal arc welding in structural steel . bridges carrying rail, rail-cum-road . or pedestrian traffic (welded bridge code) adopted 1972 revised -2001 incorporating a & c slip no. 2, dt11.7.18. issued by . research designs and standards organisation . lucknow 226011 . ivb-i

Chapter 38 Railroad Structures - Wisconsin Department

WisDOT Bridge Manual Chapter 38 Railroad Structures January 2019 38-8 . Figure 38.3-3 Knee Brace for Through-Girder Bridge Through girders should be laterally braced with gusset plates or knee braces with solid webs connected to the stiffeners as shown in . Figure 38.3-3 . The AREMA Manual limits the spacing of knee braces to 12 feet maximum.

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