inconel 625 weld overlay on carbon alloy steel flanges

Alloy 625 Overlays on Carbon Steel - Cracking - Metal and

Feb 15, 2005 · 24 Jul 03 08:54. It is a fairly common practise to overlay carbon steel componenents with alloy 625. Valve seat pockets and flange ring grooves are two applications which I have encountered many times in the petrochemical industry. Recently, I heard about a crack like failure between overlay and carbon steel in a valve for sour gas service.

Alloy 625 Weld Overlays for Offshore and Onshore Projects

research and fabrication of Alloy 625 weld overlayed carbon steel pipe and fittings such as:90 degree and 45 degree LR Elbows, Tees, Dished Heads, Reducers, Weld Neck Flanges, Valves, Spools, Manifolds, Nozzles, Blinds and so forth. Major developments for Offshore Projects took place in CRA Weld Overlay - Dilution and Corrosion Resistance - TWIOct 07, 2010 · Effect of welding parameters on dilution was studied by using TIG and MIG welding processes, and the performance of some of the process variants were compared by conducting weld overlay experiments on 15mm thick carbon steel material using 1.1mm diameter Alloy 625 filler wire.

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101 rows · Alloy 825 & Alloy 625 Clad Pipes, Fittings and Flanges (weld overlay) ADCO - Buhasa Welding Parameters for Inconel 625 Overlay on Carbon Levin et al. deposited several weld overlays over carbon steel using PTA welding and found that the steady state erosion rates for several weld overlay coatings such as Inconel-625 and SS 316 L

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Nov 30, 2018 · GMAW weld process is used to clad Inconel 625 alloy over low carbon steel flange as shown in Fig.2. Gas metal arc welds were made with 1.2 mm diameter welding wire, argon + 2% oxygen shielding gas and heat inputs ranging from 0.67 KJ/mm. The chemistry and mechanical properties of filler wire used in this welding are shown in another paper. Weld overlay cladding Flange, Cladding Weld Overlay FlangesAdopt the innovative device designed for testing the weld overlay cladding Flange thickness of corrosion resistant alloy, such as Inconel 625 thickness of carbon steel and low alloy steel. Constantly test the surfacing layer of steel pipe or elbow to meet customers requirements for thickness.

Why use Inconel 625 Alloy 625 Overlays on Carbon Steel - Cracking - Metal and steel 625 weld overlay tubingFeb 15, 2005We've had problems with alloy 625 overlay on tubes where adjacent weld beads (longitudinal passes) are too close together when a final pass is made to close the gap between the two beads. You get lack of fusion at the tube DJ, It is very common in the Oil & Gas Industry to overlay specific areas of the valve with 316 and now more commonly 625. This is generally applie1Thanks for this. It was the reported BHP failure(s) which had me worried. The use of overlays is so common I assume that the BHP failure is specifiDo you know who supplied the parts that had the problem in the BHP field?I believe it was ITAGInteresting, I have not heard of any problems with 625 overlayed valves, wellhead etc from the "big boys" Cameron, FMC or ABB-Vetco Gray. PotentialI have heard of this problem on Inconel overlays. This was in some reference with weld buttering on bevel faces with Inconel to carry out PWHT andThe valves were in fact supplied by ITAG however, I don't know if it was a welding process problem e.g. hard HAZ or one specific to the Liverpool bThanks for this. Based on my investigations so far I believe that it is essential to ensure that overlay welding procedure provides hardness less tIn accordance with NACE MR0175-2001, Wrough Alloy 625 (UNS N06255), Hardnesses are acceptable to 35 HRC.Hi all, I didn't see any mention of UT in the list of NDE integrity checks. We typically UT'd our overlays to check for unbonding. It isn't hard to Guidelines for the welded fabrication of nickel alloys for treats weld overlay, sheet lining, and clad plate as alternative means of providing corrosion protection using nickel alloys. A number of welding processes are briefly evaluated as tools for achieving the desired results with each of these alternates. Introduction

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