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Iraq Academic Scientific Journals. November 2014. Authors:Asmaa Khalaf. University of Anbar. Download file PDF Download file PDF. Download file PDF. Download file PDF. Download citation.

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IRAQI JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES (IJAS) Is the first agric. scientific and refereed journal established in Iraq. The first volume was published in 1966. IJAS is registered in the number 137 in 1988 of the Baghdad National Library. Years ago, it was published with one issue a year. Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals - IASJThe Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science is one of the Iraqi Academic Iraqi Scientific Journals (IASJ). It focuses on all branches of Geology, in addition to remote sensing related to Earth science. The journal is peer-reviewed, open access and electronic version.

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Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies. Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals. < 10 Reviews by Several Reviewers. Journal. < 10. Details. Iraqi Academic Scientific Journals - IASJIraqi Academic Scientific Journals. Advanced Search. 325 Open Access peer-reviewed journals. 81 Participating institutions. 194965 Articles indexed. Athar alrafedain. ADAB AL-BASRAH. Adab AL Rafidayn. Ikll. Gulf Economist. Basrah Journal For Date

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