optimal active deflection compensation of a hot leveler

Deflection Model of A Multi-Actuator Gap Leveler

Jul 01, 2017 · Optimal active deflection compensation of a hot leveler. In Preprints of the IFAC Workshop on Automation in the Mining, Mineral and Metal Industries, 3035 ,

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Optimal Active Deflection Compensation of a Hot Leveler. Conference Paper. Sep 2012; For a hot leveler, a compliance model of the rolls and the machine frame Is developed. The model yields the Modeling and Optimal Compensation of the Deflection of Modeling and Optimal Compensation of the Deflection of Roller Levelers for Flat-Rolled Steel Products (Modellierung und Regelung komplexer dynamischer Systeme, Band 25) Baumgart, Michael ISBN:9783844037821 Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch .

Modeling and control of hot levelers Automation

Modeling and control of hot levelers Project focus. Modeling, identification and analysis of the mechanical and hydraulic components of the leveler; Optimal, active compensation of the elastic deformation; Design of control strategies for the dynamic positioning of the leveler; Description. Hot levelers are used in hot rollings mills for steel Modelling and experimental validation of the deflection active deflection compensation are given in [12] and [13]. However, these publications lack a comprehensive derivation and a solid validation of the model. These issues are the main contribution of the current paper. The paper is organized as follows:in Section 2, the deflection

Modelling and experimental validation of the deflection of

The model calculates the work roll profile and the leveling forces for a given plate and adjustment of the leveler. The force-deflection relations of the machine model are combined with a Robert Brauneis - Automatic Deflection Compensation of a Next, a novel model-based calibration method to estimate adjustment errors of the work rolls is developed and verified with measurements on an industrial leveler. Finally, optimal control strategies to compensate for the deflection of the leveler for all load phases of the leveling process are developed.

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The optimal compensation loading sequence of the bearing dynamic reaction force, the deflection torque, and the centrifugal force is used according to the simulation results above. The vibration suppression of the magnetically suspended rotor with the rated speed of 8000 r/min is implemented under the vacuum degree less than 15 Pa. Why Is Low-Deflection Better? Official USA SiteThe amount of cue ball deflection depends on the cue used, the tip placement and the speed of the stroke. The farther the strike from center, the more the cue ball is deflected off-line. Cue ball deflection will also increase with a faster stroke. Lower deflecting cues require less compensation and therefore make the game easier.

Optimal Active Deflection Compensation of a Hot Leveler

Jan 01, 2012 · Keywords:Optimal control, Feedforward control, Active compensation, Deflection modeling, Steel industry, Hot leveler 1. INTRODUCTION Hot levelers are used in rolling mills for reducing residual stresses and flatness defects of hot-rolled metal plates, e.g., center buckles or edge waves. The work rolls of the leveler are arranged in a wedge

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