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  • Why Pretreat? Corona, Plasma and Flame Treating for Plastics - Enercon The best type of surface treater for your application will depend on several variables. If your application requires spot treatment of an object, air plasma and flame systems can be mounted in a stationary position or integrated with a robot for precise treatment patterns. Candidates for this type of surface treatment include injection molded

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    Flame Treatment Todays manufacturing industries demand a greater use of plastic materials due to their increased processability, durability, cost effectiveness, and overall engineered performance. However, their use in painting or bonding applications is challenging due to incompatibility with coatings, necessitating the need to use Flame Treatment Esseci Flame Surface Treatment SpecialistThe Surface Flame Treatment System for Extrusion Lines, Converting Lines and Automotive Industry. Some material, such as plastics, have inert and non-porous chemical surfaces that make them non-receptive to the affixing of substrates such as printing inks, adhesives and coatings. Flame increases the surface tension (wettability) of the material

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    Flame treatment is defined as a surface preparation technique in which the plastic is briefly exposed to a flame. Flame treatment oxidizes the surface through a free radical mechanism, introducing hydroxyl, carbonyl, carboxyl, and amide functional groups to a depth of 46 nm, and produces chain scissions and some cross-linking. Commonly Flame Treatment For Automotive Industry Esseci Flame This all goes to show that flame treatment is the best way to increase surface adhesion before plastic coating. Surface Flame Treatment:Fast production Flame treatment is very fastthere are installations in which a bumper can be treated in less than 40 seconds when using a robot or in under 10 seconds with a mechanical reciprocator.

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    Flame treatment is the most widely used and cost effective pre-treatment for polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, UHMW) and polyolefin based plastics prior to polymer bonding or printing. It consists of exposing the surface to be coated to a suitable oxidizing flame during a short period of time (0.2 to 3 sec.). Lectro Engineering - Plastic Surface Treatment Machines Plastic Surface Treatment. The Best Alternative to Flame, Corona, or Plasma for the Treatment of Plastics. Auxiliary Blow Molding Equipment. Lectro Engineering is recognized as the world wide leader in down stream blow molded equipment. Container Trimming.

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    Jul 22, 2010 · Although often underestimated, the potential presence of contaminants on the plastic surface is an important aspect to face, since it directly influences the efficacy of flame treatment. Probably because of the high potency associated with a flame, a common misconception is that to activate a polyolefinic surface, flame treating it using a Flame Treatment, flame treater for plastic bottles Flame Treatment Systems. GR-X flame treaters are proven to provide a safe, consistent and reliable solution for effectively surface treating plastic bottles. Surface treatment systems are ideally suited to enhance the adhesion of bottle labels and printing prior to application.

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