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These are used for heavy duty cutting requirements or if you need the deep cut or precision of 10 inch saw blades. The 3000 Series adds to the 1000 series but uses a 10 Makita saw and uses steel sleeves over the plastic rollers. Available in frame sizes:Full Size 52, 64 and 76 inch cross cuts. Products TREK Quality PartsTrack Group Assemblies are built with Trek Track Chains developed with over 50 years of experience. Trek Track Chains are produced with state of the art technology in the process of forging, heat treatment and machining, with only the finest quality steel used, and providing heavy duty chain design and directly interchangeable with original

BOX TRACK Hardware for Sliding Doors up to 5,000 lbs.

Door Weight Capacity:The enclosed box track design offers increased rigidity to the track allowing this type of sliding door hardware to accommodate heavier doors. Modern day enclosed track feature the following capacities:Light duty:200-400 lb. capacity. Medium duty:600-800 lb. capacity. Extra Heavy Duty:up to 5,000 lb. capacity.

  • 4 Box Track 400 Lb. Capacity · Bottom Guiding Systems 116RC|Heavy-Duty Linear Track System|Accuride InternationalWith ADA-compliant linear motion and design, the 116RC model is an innovative breakthrough for the sliding door market, also accommodating large screens, panels, movable walls, barn doors, and so much more. Supports loads up to 793 lbs. Aluminum track in a choice of two lengths:94.5" and 142". Purchase of the 116RC requires the following

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